This page lists links to reports of accidents and news stories involving amusement rides and roller coasters designed and manufactured by Intamin of Switzerland.

  • California woman wins suit against Knott's Berry Farm (2/22/99)
  • Rider thrown from new Darien Lake roller coaster (5/16/99)
  • Boy, 12, killed in fall from ride at Paramount's Great America (8/22/99)
  • Paramount's Kings Island closes Drop Zone, King Cobra rides (8/24/99)
  • Witnesses: safety bar wasn't checked; boy struggled to stay inside car (8/24/99)
  • Six Flags park installs seat belts on Giant Drop ride (9/1/99)
  • Witnesses of 1999 Great America fatality suing park (8/29/00)
  • Drop Zone death: no charges, no explanation (11/5/01)
  • Accident at Knott's Berry Farm injures employee (1/17/01)
  • Knott's Berry Farm ordered to improve safety procedures (5/3/01)
  • Woman, 20, dies from ruptured brain aneurysm after roller coaster ride (9/1/01)
  • Montezuma's Revenge not to blame for woman's death, says state (9/5/01)
  • Woman killed in 100-foot fall from Perilous Plunge at Knott's Berry Farm (9/21/01)
  • Intamin says 'Plunge' is safe; riders say seat belts were not checked (9/25/01)
  • Cedar Fair, Intamin sued in Perilous Plunge death (10/10/01)
  • Intamin: Perilous Plunge rider was too big for restraints (10/23/01)
  • OSHA: Perilous Plunge restraints "clearly not adequate" (3/19/02)
  • Girl, 16, dead after 100-foot fall from Intamin's Hydro river plunge ride (4/15/04)
  • Man killed in fall from Intamin's Superman Ride of Steel roller coaster at Six Flags New England (5/1/04)
  • Witnesses: victim's restraints not checked; lap bar was up (5/6/04)
  • Investigators: Superman victim was not secured; park workers should have turned him away (5/7/04)
  • Six Flags, Intamin to modify Superman Ride of Steel restraint system (5/7/04)
  • Superman Ride of Steel ready to reopen with new safety restrains (5/28/04)

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