This page lists links to reports of accidents and news stories involving rides and attractions at Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Bristol, Connecticut.

  • Employee dead after accident at Lake Compounce (8/21/99)
  • Lake Compounce cited for "serious" violation of safety regulations (1/21/00)
  • Boy, 6, in critical condition after accident at Lake Compounce (7/1/00)
  • Boy injured in Lake Compounce water slide accident dies (7/7/00)
  • Lake Compounce, employees, parent all contributed to child's death, say police (9/5/00)
  • Roller coaster accident kills Lake Compounce worker (6/13/01)
  • Lake Compounce employee given no notice that coaster would be running (6/14/01)
  • Riders trapped after Lake Compounce roller coaster malfunctions (6/14/01)
  • Sensor malfunction blamed for Lake Compounce Zoomerang mishap (6/19/01)
  • Kennywood Entertainment sued for negligence in Lake Compounce drowning death (7/30/01)
  • Lake Compounce cited for ten safety violations, fined $14,500 (12/29/01)
  • Lake Compounce sued in Boulder Dash death (7/5/02)
  • Connecticut Supreme Court rules against worker killed in Boulder Dash accident (3/7/06)
  • $1.2 million settlement reached in Lake Compounce drowning death (8/17/06)

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